Thursday, October 31, 2013

So I made Chilli Chicken!

Alright, as a grown man, I should already have acquired a bit culinary skills, but sadly, that isn't the case. I am learning, bit by bit, and finally had the chance to try something, and thought lets me make Chilli Chicken!

So I followed the recipe described here, and here are the things that gets newbies confused. (At least I was confused.)

  1. If you can, get the chicken cubes about a square inch each, smaller than that will be too small.
  2. Don't bother about the chilli powder, your dish will still look great.
  3. Garlic's volume will reduce once you start mincing it. 6 medium sized cloves of garlic will be enough for 500g of chicken.
  4. Don't worry about all purpose flour / Maida / corn flour. Use whatever you have. I had to use 3 tbsp of all purpose corn flour, and it was good. but don't add all of the flour at once, do it gradually as you mix, that way the marinate won't get too thick.
  5. When you fry the rest of the garlic paste and the chillies, make sure you have removed most of the oil from the pan that you used for frying, and left about 2 tbsp of oil only.
  6. A better way to know when your onion and bell pepper are done is check that the onion has become transparent and the green of the bell pepper has paled.
Here are some pics!
The marinated chicken

Cut vegies

Fried chicken

Half of the final product!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Bangalore Android Developers Meetup # 11 : Liveblog

And the meetup comes to an end.

App Demo
India TV Guide
India TV Guide is your one-stop app for listings of all the Indian TV Channels. Find the programmes and schedule info you want to watch. List your favourite channels. Set Alerts and yes, you can sync it with your google calender too. Long press on a programme to share it with your friends.

Delivery Status by Mango Technologies

Zomato by Pramod Rao
Zomato android app lets you search menus across 18,000 restaurants in India. Spanning 10 cities - Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Ahmedabad & Chandigarh - Zomato also lets you check ratings, reviews and pictures of all restaurants in your city. Zomato on your Android is location aware - it recommends you the best restaurants around your current location. Get the app here

smsBlocker by CEO of Optinno
$795 M worth of time is wasted in India alone. 
smsBlocker mobile app by Pune based startup-Optinno, addresses this problem heads on. It is powered with unique intelligence to identify if an SMS is a spam and block it automatically if detected so. This app works so well that in less than a year it has been downloaded by over 140000 users from over 110 countries & also won 5 coveted awards for being unique, innovative & highly useful.

Introduction to C2DM by Amrit
12:10 PM
Why C2DM?
  • Current Architecture of Apps
  • Flacky Network Connections
  • Background polling hits battery, Mem, CPU, Complicated Code
  • App need not run
  • Efficient
  • Lower cost and better tracking
Minimum Req
  1. Android 2.2+
  2. Android Marketplace
  3. Google Account
  4. HTTPS application server that should be
    Able to communicate with the client
    Able to fire of HTTP rew to C2DM server
Alternative Infrastructures
  • Limited Connectivity
  • Security Requirements
  • Guaranteed Delivery
  • SLA on delivery
  • Notification quota

11:55 AM
  • No guaranteed delivery
  • Notify about new data, not the data itself
  • Not suitable for Critical Use Cases
  • App need not run all the time
  • Google User Account required
  • No GUI component
  • Limit to the no of msgs
  • Still in beta
11:42 AM
  • C2DM : Cloud to Device Messaging, which allows Devs to send events (sometimes data, not recommended ) to their Apps running on Android Devices
  • Supported from Android 2.2+
  • Simple and lightweight mechanism
  • Handles queueing of messages and delivery to the target App running on the target device
  • Not designed to sent a lot of data to the client
Behind the scenes
It uses OpenFire, CakePHP, PostGre, PostGIS
Client side is asmack etc
more details are at
Thanks to Mahesh for the presentation.

Integrating Appucino
5 steps will do it
  1. Import jar
  2. add declarations to manifest
  3. decide when the panel appears and how the scoring to be integrated
  4. 2 lines in onCreates + onStarts
  5. when to show the gamebar
This takes care of the social layer by adding only a few lines of code, allows to maintain leaderboards, find new people nearby who use the same apps, and also cross pollination of the apps.

Games2Win Learnings
  1. Audience on web convert to iOS
  2. Adoption is not good on Android : discoverability is an issue?
  3. eCPMs are not good on mobile
  4. Use the interface paradigm the device offers
  5. Single Click, never ending games do have repeat plays
  6. Update strategies
  7. Ad network
Games2Win Checklist
  1. Virality : can it spread?
  2. Involvement : does it engage?
  3. Community : does it involve my social sphere?
  4. Task Orientation
  5. Originality : anyone else out there?
  6. Revenue Stream : has it been thought out?
  7. Yo Yo : Cross Pollination 
Whats imp for Games?
  1. The idea (Game mechanic)
  2. Production (Story board, game design, art, programming)
  3. Distribution(Publishing, Virality, partnerships)
  4. Revenues(Analytics, Targets, eCPMs, ARPU)
10:48 AM
The intro session is over. We will soon move onto the 1st session, Appucino, from Games2Win, presented by Mahesh.

10:36 AM
Intro session on, hence radio silence!

10:32 AM
Few more people are in. Amrit has already started talking about DevFest.

10:22 AM

People are still trickling in.

10:10 AM
At the venue. Chairs are still being pulled in.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Bangalore Android Developers Meetup 10 : Live Event

01:08 PM
eduPort by Synqroid
App provides many video lectures from multiple sources. Click here for Market.

12:51 PM
SnapTax by Intuit.
Used for filing tax in the US. Add a tax form, snap a photo of the W2, OCR it on the server. Review, pay and e-file. Click here for market.

12:37 PM
Yummy Trains by Pranav
Yet another Crowdsourcing app that lists the famous food from each location and is available in the station.
Its on market, click here. You can put suggestions. And you can search using train no to see the stations and the suggestions.

12:11 PM
As expected, 10 min break ended after 20 mins. Raghavendra is ready to take us thru his app demo. Beware, he is gonna suck you all in with his wit.
His App is called Power Cut!

His App is crowdsourcing to map where power cuts in India. He says its a social project to help out people.
He got help from Varun.
App can register powercut, show reports, show news about it. It can also do push alerts!
More info is at

Code repository :
For icons :
The app is still to be put into market.

11:51 AM
Ravi's session comes to an end. Break for 10 mins. Next on plate are the app demos.

11:45 AM
Few Bar jokes apart, Ravi showed how to make slider bars vertical, from the default horizontal, Create AsyncTask class for HTTPRequest, and won't have to worry about the threadpool, as its already there.
Ravi's gonna share the slide, so please hold on for the URLs and the pics.

11:26 AM
Ravi takes over, says his topic name is not "Know Thy Code" but is "Know framework Code"
The code he will be taking thru are Applications, Application Framework, and Libs. But most of it will be the framework.

A link will be shared to download the framework in TAR, and extract the code to put it in eclipse. Now you can navigate to these extracted code in eclipse when you are working on your app.

11:25 AM
There is going to be a hackathon for Tablets. People interested should contact Amrit.

11:13 AM
Zero budget marketing is about Value to users, viral loops, Company Blog etc and NOT FB pages, Tweets, SEO, Adwords etc.

Raman's session comes to an end.

11:00 AM
Viral loops work for the promotion of the app, without the creator's effort. Viral loops have to be part of the Apps DNA. e.g. 4Square.
Lots of discussion about going viral. The backfire (Color), The intentional (Zynga), The unintentional (Angry Birds)

10:53 AM
Two BIG Questions
  1. Will Females like it? (its the slide, I Swear!)
  2. What bottlenecks that existing or competitor apps have are eased?
10:45 AM
The next thing in line is UX.
App Design guidelines
  1. Useful and to the point
  2. Intuitive
  3. Avoid existing Obstacles and and ease bottlenecks
  4. Easily Accessible
  5. Credible and Trustworthy
  6. Predictable
  7. Self Learning
10:30 AM
Key Question : "What VALUE will our app offer to our users?"
What is NOT value?
  • Real Time Details
  • Cool Graphics
  • Cloud Computing
  • Hi Fi Algo etc
Morphological Analysis - Procedure to shortlist features

10:21 AM
Session 1 by Raman Suprajarama - "Product Management while building Android App"
The PM Model
  1. Before building App - Appmeter Test
  2. Building App - App Design
  3. After building App - Launch
Now comes up a slide while small fonts and large amount of info, and I am not gonna type it for you.

10:20 AM
So here we go. Intro by Amrit.

10:13 AM
People started trickling in. And the organizers chatting in the hallway.

So BAUG is back to its usual self, and the meetup is also back to the usual place, ThoughtWorks.